Investigative Interviewing

About this Short Course

Investigative interviewing is a 2-3 day workshop conducted by experienced investigators.

Investigators need to develop interview skills so that interviews (suspect or witness) are conducted professionally and quality assured.

This short course will provide investigators with the tools to;

  • Elicit evidence, which in turn can lead to a prosecution or provide evidence of innocence
  • Increase the courts, tribunals and public confidence in the investigation team

The 2 day course is designed as a practical and hands on program, where participants will have the opportunity to develop plans and engage in witness and suspect interviews.

It is targeted for investigators to further develop their skills through an understanding

  • Of appropriate legislation
  • Conversation management
  • Cognitive interviewing techniques,
  • Managing information, evidence, and
  • Supportive roles during the interview.


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Through a 2 – 3 day practical workshop

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