PSP60116 Advanced Diploma of Government
(Workplace inspection)

About this Qualification

The Advanced Diploma of Government qualification allows for the attainment of competencies required for work in the public sector which is autonomous and often non-routine. The qualification is targeted at those who enter the public sector with another qualification as well as those progressing within the sector.

The workplace inspection specialisation covers the skills required for those responsible for the conduct of statutory investigation and enforcement requirements under any of the following legislative frameworks:

  • Work Health and Safety
  • Workers’ compensation
  • Injury management
  • Workplace relations

Units of Competency

Core Units

  • PSPETH004 Maintain and enhance confidence in public service
  • PSPGEN066 Apply government systems
  • PSPGEN067 Establish and maintain strategic networks
  • PSPLEG004 Manage compliance with legislation in the public sector
  • PSPMGT004 Manage diversity
  • PSPPCY010 Manage policy implementation

Elective Units

Candidates must complete the eight units shown below:

  • BSBWHS501 Ensure a safe workplace
  • PSPWPI004 Improve compliance through industry partnerships
  • PSPWPI005 Investigate complex issues
  • PSPWPI006 Manage emerging issues
  • PSPWPI007 Represent and promote the organisation
  • PSPMGT007 Manage risk
  • PSPREG027 Manage regulatory compliance
  • PSPREG028 Evaluate regulatory compliance

Candidates must also complete one of the units shown below (based on their relevant legislative framework):

  • DEFWHS016 Conduct work health and safety inspections
  • PSPLND011 Handle compensation claims
  • PSPINM009 Monitor and review injury management cases
  • PSPGEN072 Manage compliance with workplace relations legislation


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