With around 170 snake species calling Australia home, nearly two-thirds of them are venomous, posing a significant threat to both locals and visitors, especially in rural and bushland areas where unexpected encounters can occur. While most snakes prefer to steer clear of humans, the reality is that accidental bites can happen, particularly during outdoor activities or work in natural habitats. This underscores the importance of being prepared and knowing how to respond to a snake bite.

Understanding how to respond to a snake bite is crucial for anyone in snake-prone environments. Australian first aid guidelines recommend the following steps in case of a snake bite emergency:

1. Stay Calm – Remaining calm helps slow the venom’s spread in the victim’s system.

2. Seek Help—Call emergency services immediately or transport the victim to the closest medical facility if it is safe to do so.

3. Limit Movement – Advise the victim to minimise movement to prevent venom circulation.

4. Apply Pressure Bandage – Use a compression bandage to wrap the affected limb firmly, starting from the bite site and moving upwards.

5. Immobilize the limb with a splint to reduce movement and venom dispersion.

6. Monitor Vital Signs – Keep a watchful eye on the victim’s vital signs and be prepared to administer CPR if needed.

In the face of potential snake encounters, being equipped with knowledge and readiness is paramount. Obtaining a first aid certificate through AFS Training and Consultancy not only ensures you are prepared to handle medical emergencies effectively, including snake bites, but also empowers you with life-saving skills. In just 4 hours, we can provide immersive training in First Aid that covers essential skills, such as responding to venomous bites, administering CPR, and managing various injuries, giving you the confidence to act in critical situations.

Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast, a workplace safety advocate, or someone keen on enhancing your lifesaving skills, AFS provides the training to stay safe and respond effectively in critical scenarios.