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What is Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

As a Registered Training Organisation, AFS offers Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) to students, which involves recognising and acknowledging skills and knowledge acquired through work experience. AFS encourages students to provide evidence for potential RPL assessment. While not all students may be interested in RPL, AFS still offers it as an option.

AFS can grant RPL to students who can demonstrate previously acquired skills, knowledge, and experience. Students need to submit their professional CVs and any relevant material for assessment. An AFS facilitator will evaluate the material and may conduct a competency conversation to assess the student’s skills and knowledge against qualification requirements.

If any additional training is needed, AFS will identify it and work with the student to create a strategy for completion, which may include online learning, scenario-based projects, and possibly in-person facilitation.


The RPL Process

RPL Step 1
RPL Step 2
RPL Step 3
RPL Step 4

Please complete the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Application form in your chosen field, ensuring that you include all the necessary and pertinent evidence.

The RPL Application will be evaluated by the trainer at no charge, and they will communicate with applicants for further clarification or discussion.

Successful applicants will be invoiced for the qualification at a reduced price.

Upon successful evaluation of the RPL, a nationally recognised qualification will be awarded, with digital and hard copies sent to the applicant’s email and postal address.

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