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Featured Courses

Government Investigations

Qualifications designed for officers working in operational roles undertaking government investigation related functions.

Personnel Vetting

The personnel vetting specialisation covers the skills required for working without supervision within a personal security area. Focus on ethical and legislative compliance within the public service. Ideal for those needing specialised skills in security contexts. Entry requirements apply.

Training and Education

This qualification reflects the roles of individuals delivering training and assessment services in the vocational education and training (VET) sector.

First Aid & CPR

Equip yourself with life-saving skills! Join our immersive courses in first aid and CPR, which are run by registered nurses. Be prepared for emergencies!

Government Security

Qualification allows for the attainment of occupational specific competencies for those working in operational roles undertaking government security related functions.

Security Risk Analysis

This qualification provides occupational specialisation in electronic security and crowded places, and a pathway to further learning and work in security risk management.

Short Courses - Investigative Interviewing

Empower investigators with courses in legislation, conversation management, cognitive interviewing, evidence handling, and supportive roles. Empathetic to trauma, our techniques foster trust, disclosure, fairness, and legal compliance in public and workplace environments.

Workplace Inspection

Qualification specialisation covers the skills required for those responsible for the conduct of statutory investigation and enforcement requirements.

Learn from experienced professionals

Our courses are delivered through blended learning.  

Students are trained through workshops and self-paced online assessments by experienced professionals who have over 20 years in the industry.

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Specialisation & Dual Qualification Courses

Public Sector Training

AFS offers various specialisation courses and dual qualifications so you can get more for less.

Fees & Assistance

Government Funded Training and Payment Options

Some of our courses are available through government funding and AFS offers flexible payment options so you can get the training you need without the added stress of upfront payments. 

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Latest News

Healing Through Understanding: The Importance of Empathy in Trauma-Informed Interviews

Trauma presents itself in diverse forms, impacting individuals uniquely and profoundly. Understanding the varied nature of trauma is crucial for comprehending its effects and delivering appropriate support.

Cardiac Emergencies – Do You Know What To Do?

A cardiac event can occur unexpectedly in public spaces, underscoring the importance of being prepared to act swiftly and effectively to save a life potentially. Understanding how to respond to such emergencies is crucial for individuals in any setting, emphasising the significance of first aid training.

Snake Bites – Do You Know What To Do?

With around 170 snake species calling Australia home, nearly two-thirds of them are venomous, posing a significant threat to both locals and visitors, especially in rural and bushland areas where unexpected encounters can occur. While most snakes prefer to steer clear of humans, the reality is that accidental bites can happen, particularly during outdoor activities or work in natural habitats. This underscores the importance of being prepared and knowing how to respond to a snake bite.

The Practical Advantage: How Vocational Education Prepares You for the Workforce after being on the front line.

Are you a seasoned professional with years of experience in the police, emergency services, or defence force? If so, you possess a wealth of practical knowledge and a strong work ethic. However, as you consider your career prospects, you may find that vocational education holds the key to unlocking new opportunities and further enhancing your skill set.

5 Reasons to do both PSP40316 Certificate IV in Government Security and the CPP41519 Certificate IV in Security Risk Analysis with AFS:

Empower Your Security Expertise: Gain dual certifications for a comprehensive understanding of security risk management in government contexts and beyond.


How can I have my previous courses and government work recognised?

Please complete the RPL form, and one of our trainers will assess your application and get in touch with you to discuss your recognition process. 

Can I complete the course online?

Yes, all face-to-face workshops can be online however as restrictions are easing, we are bringing back face to face learning in the classroom. If you would like to attend face to face, please contact us.

Do you run courses multiple times a year?

Yes we do.  If you cannot make it to one of our workshops you can defer to the next one.  We always have waiting lists to help you find a date and workshop that is suitable to you.

Do I have to pay upfront?

Not at all! Please contact our Customer Engagement Specialists and they will be able to help you reach your academic goals with payment plan options.

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